Jan. 13, 2023

🌎 What it all means

🌎 What it all means
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Across the front of our website, in big bold letters, is our calling card:“Science for people who give a shit.”

You may have seen it and immediately thought “That’s me!” or “You sir, are a child.”

Either reaction is well and great. We’re not for everybody.

You’re here, though, so let's assume you’re on board with the whole idea.

However you identified with that tagline, you may have also asked yourself what it means, in practice. And that’s a good question because while the mantra isn’t changing, I’m more focused than ever on putting it into practice for me, and you.

To Do Better Better requires trust in one another.

That we care, that we'll step up when it counts, that we won't pull the ladder up after us.

It requires a radical reorientation of our assumptions and expectations, to put into practice our values, to show up for one another -- together whenever we can, and when we're most alone -- to understand 1% better every day doesn't feel very different today -- if anything, it can feel like nowhere near enough -- but in three hundred and sixty-five days, much less by 2035 or 2050, at the rate of 1% a day,together, we can build something entirely new and fucking awesome.

That's compound action. That's what we're about. That's science for people who give a shit.

Here's What You Can Do:

  • Mutual aid is probably the most effective way to help the folks around you. Find a network near you here.
  • Want to take on one of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals? Google's offering cash prizes in their 2023 Solution Challenge. Build a team and get to work!
  • To understand the climate crisis, you have to understand our food systems. Nobody does a better job at that than Civil Eats. Subscribe today.


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