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Essential listen for everyone

Put simply: Important, Not Important makes you a better person and helps the world. What Quinn and team are doing with these exceptional conversations gets at the heart of how we can make an impact on the critical issues that we so often feel helpless to attack. The discussions are lively, heartfelt, funny, and informative. I love the science-based approach and the bigger picture view combined with individual actions that empower listeners to make change in their own lives while pushing for even greater action. We are all better off because this exists.

Great show!

Quinn and Brian highlight all aspects of science and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Listen if you can

The guests on each episode are knowledgeable in their fields, and the hosts know how to engage them, contextualize their knowledge, and importantly, make the podcast entertaining in the meantime. You’ll learn a lot, and be a better person for it.

Great stuff!

Love that it’s action oriented, need some of that positivity. The newsletter is also great to keep up on all the new stuff going on in research and tech!

If you love Pod Save America and lean a bit geekish you’ll love this podcast

I look forward to every episode and one of the few I listen to twice to make sure I digest all of it. Global in scope and lokal in importance.

Engaging and informative!

I really love this podcast. Quinn and Brian are great hosts, and so far every guest and topic has been super interesting. They're exploring really important topics, in an engaging and informative way. Highly recommend!

It’s Important! And Funny!

The only upsetting thing about this podcast is that I want more of them! Such incredible guests, real perspectives on current topics and events done from an approachable and easy to listen to program. I feel like I am a part of the conversation and have to keep myself from laughing out loud, nodding my head in agreeance and most embarrassingly responding and commenting to the dialogue...

Must-listen Podcast!

I’ve finished episodes 1-4 and this is a fantastic podcast. The hosts, Brian and Quinn, are casual in their approach, but the conversations with their guests are so engaging and informative. I can’t wait to listen to what’s next!

Great Start

Looking forward to more important and not important content.


This was all I expected and more. Thanks for putting this together and for sharing.

Amazing start

Most thoughtful insight into the Hawaii nuclear incident I've heard yet. Cannot wait to hear what's to come

Listening Time Spent Wisely

If you're like me, then 90% of your podcasts are for mindless entertainment, creating a void of actual news and important conversation that puts incredible pressure on making sure that remaining 10% is invested wisely. This podcast is perfect for that 10% - relevant, interesting, entertaining, and will always improve your understanding of the world. Great stuff, excited for more.

good stuff

I'm subscriber to the newsletter, and every week I can count on learning something I didn't know, or getting a perspective I hadn't considered. So far, I can say the same about the podcast. And knowing how thourough and engaging the newsletter is, I'm excited for the future of this podcast.

This is excellent.

V engaging. Look forward to #2!