How You Can Electrify Your Home | John Semmelhack

Residential energy use accounts for about 20% of US greenhouse gas emissions, but an electric future awaits us, and now, having passed the IRA, there are a huge variety of rebates to help you electrify your home, to become less dependent on the grid, to save money over time, and breathe cleaner air inside AND outside.

Today I'm talking to John Semmelhack who is a co-owner, with Neil Comparetto, of The Comfort Squad LLC, a home performance contracting + consulting firm serving Charlottesville, VA, and Richmond, VA. John is a pioneering practitioner of the "electrify everything” movement and is the self-declared “Minister of Heat Pumps” for the Southeast U.S.

We’re going to take you on one of his standard home performance assessments and help you to get a healthier, all-electric home.

Show notes:
0:00 Intro
0:44 Who is John Semmelhack
01:30 Why is John vital to the survival of the species?
02:27 Rebate & tax liability programs
11:11 Where to start with saving energy at home
14:00 HVAC units and measuring the right energy efficiency
26:25 The perks of smart thermostats
37:58 Powering your house with your EV
39:55 Rebate program details
41:15 Action plan in case of an emergency
43:15 Possible kitchen improvements
52:20 Future of water heaters
58:33 Cutting off on gas
01:00:42 The future of powering USA
01:04:21 Which clothes dryer to choose
01:06:32 EV charging
01:10:48 What you should know about ductwork
01:24:33 Heat pumps are everywhere
01:26:55 First time he realized he has a power of change
01:27:55 Business model around emergency replacements
01:31:26 Who has positively impacted his life in the last 6 months
01:32:07 What book has changed his thinking
01:33:27 Where you can find John
01:33:50 Outro

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