April 18, 2023

🌎 This Isn't Rocket Science (Unless It Is)

🌎 This Isn't Rocket Science (Unless It Is)
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This week:

A very basic way to use a mental model, you’re welcome.

PLUS:Mosquitoes, overseas abortion pills, healthy ice cream, German nuclear power, electric school buses, and more.

Here's What You Can Do:

  • ⚡️ Interested in community solar? Check out Wattbuy’s tools to get some.
  • ⚡️ One of the most effective ways to make fashion more sustainable is to partner up with our friends at Fashion Revolution
  • ⚡️ Want to understand if there’s (actually) a moral case for fossil fuels? You should read Amy Westervelt’s handy little guide.
  • ⚡️ There are over 9000 school board seats up for election this year. HelpRun for Somethingsupport candidates who actually give a shit about kids.
  • ⚡️ Over 60? Put your experience and skills to work and join Third Act to help fight the climate crisis.


News Roundup

Health & Medicine




Food & Water

  • Wall Street made a run on the west’s precious groundwater supplies
  • Speaking of: All those atmospheric rivers have temporarily reduced drought warnings, which is (truly) great, but flooding’s getting worse, and the Colorado River is still in trouble, so the feds finally stepped in
  • Italy’s plan toban lab-grown meat won’t help their climate issues


Beep Boop

  • OpenAIlaunched a bug bounty program
  • Semi-related: Spain and Italy are investigating whether OpenAI breached GDPR
  • Is ChatGPT hallucinating, or bullshitting?
  • Millions of Facebook users had their info stolen in a ChatGPT app
  • Semi-related: WhatsApp made it harder for scammers to steal your account info



  • COVID is climbing steadily in India— here’s why
  • Semi-related: Antimicrobial resistance is growing in India — and everywhere — because we’re over-prescribing them
  • The jury is still out on how often you and we should get COVID boosters


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