Oct. 21, 2022

Newsletter #296: Fake meat, fake profits?

Newsletter #296: Fake meat, fake profits?
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This week:

  • Plant-based meat stocks
  • Another COVID winter is coming
  • A long-term plan for the baby formula shortage
  • The uncertain future of telehealth
  • Willfully shunning data privacy


Here's What You Can Do:

  • Help elect progressive state and federal candidateswho will shift our diets and land use toward healthier, more sustainable food systems
  • Check your wastewater data here or here
  • If you've got extra, unopened, not-expired formula, donate it through the Free Formula Exchange. You can also get screened and donate breast milk at one of 31 regional milk banks.
  • We need people in office, at every level, who understand how quickly technology is progressing, how we can use it to help people, and the infrastructure required to enable broad access. Help get them elected.
  • We should make sure that the companies and governments that build tech only collect the data they absolutely need, and transparently, and not use it against us. Help elect people who understand where the puck is going.


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