Oct. 7, 2022

Newsletter #295: Insurance, for when climate change comes at you fast

Newsletter #295: Insurance, for when climate change comes at you fast
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This week:

  • What climate change means for insurance
  • Pregnancy and the COVID vaccine
  • Food insecurity in America
  • What wildfire smoke means for air quality
  • Internet blackout in Iran


What we can do

  • Understand your flood risk with Flood Factor, a free tool to learn if your property has flooded in the past, is currently at risk, and how that risk changes over time.
  • Stock up on masks, get your boosters, and bring your parents, your kids, and your friends with you
  •  Feed people tonight (and every month, with a recurring donation) with our friends at Feeding America.
  • Obviously numero uno is decarbonize everything everywhere all at once, but also: Know your daily risk. I use Purple Air outdoor monitors
  • Follow, amplify, and donate to the Center for Human Rights in Iran, a collection of journalists, researchers, lawyers, activists, writers, multimedia specialists and advocates based around the world who work to support the basic rights and freedoms of the Iranian people


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