Sept. 2, 2022

Newsletter #290: Life at 1.2°C

Newsletter #290: Life at 1.2°C
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This week:

  • The cost of electrification
  • The end of free COVID tests
  • The water crisis in Jackson
  • Minimizing cancer treatment side effects
  • The companies selling your location data to the police


Action Steps

  • Read Rewiring America's home electrification guide, and then share it with your apartment/HOA/city council
  • Use BioBot to get your county's wastewater treatment plant access to free COVID-10 wastewater and variant testing
  • Donate to Cooperation Jackson, a local cooperative ensuring water access for the homeless, elderly, and those with limited access to transportation
  • Join INI's Team in the "10th Annual Million Mile" from Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation
  • Read the WIRED coverage of data brokers (5m) and then donate to the EFF


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