May 5, 2023

🌎 Never Tell Me The Odds

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This week:

Solutions to our biggest problems shouldn’t be so perplexing. On the other hand, washing our hands wasn’t obvious for a couple hundred thousand years, and my kids STILL don't want to do it.

Plus: Seasonal allergy news, a new Barbie, non-profit grocery stores, climate hackers, the SEC, the WHO, Google’s huge new feature, and Khan Academy revolutionizes education — again

Here's What You Can Do:


News Roundup

Health & Medicine




Food & Water


Beep Boop

  • WATCH:Sal Khan unveils Khan Academy’s new educational chatbot, Khanmigo
  • Google began rolling out passkeys— this is a great day for data security (check out how to enable it now)
  • The FTC wants to stop Meta/Facebook from releasingany new products until they stop trouncing kids’ privacy
  • Washington State passed a sweeping health data law




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