Feb. 13, 2020

Introducing the Important, Not Important: Sh*t-Giver Edition!

Introducing the Important, Not Important: Sh*t-Giver Edition!
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We’re very excited to announce the launch of our new premium podcast feed — The Shit-Giver Edition!

Our main feed (this one) will always be free, and will always host the latest in our award-nominated "save the world" conversations, with ads read by us to help pay the bills. Our mission remains to reach the greatest audience and affect as much change as two guys and a rescue dog possibly can.

But for those of you that don't want ads, or love Fun Talks, or just want to support our hard work -- you can now go premium!

In exchange for supporting the show with $5 a month or $49 a year (a 17% discount!), you'll get: 

  • Exclusive access to *ad-free* versions of the main "save the world" shows
  • All of our *Fun Talk* episodes
  • A *brand-new* audio version of our weekly newsletter. That’s all of the news you missed, read in the sultry voice of Brian Colbert Kennedy, delivered to your favorite podcasting app every Friday.

Plus, you’ll get a *discount on merchandise* in our store!

So head on over to to invest in the future of our work and help pay, most importantly, for Brian’s coffee.

Thanks, as always, for all of your support.

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