Jan. 27, 2023

🌎 Insurance, for you and me

🌎 Insurance, for you and me
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This week:

Everyone needs insurance. But what kind? And what does it mean to have it, or not?

Well, there’s actual insurance, which is a policy where you and an insurer contract with one another in case things go south with (usually) your home, your car, or your body.

That’s the layman’s technical explanation, but more colloquially, andfor our purposes today, “insurance” can mean just having a buffer or a back up plan, or a “thing you might do to make sure a big decision (like buying a home, having a child, or just generally being a person) doesn’t go to hell in a hand basket.”

All of these decisions are usually the result of understanding thatjust by being alive you’re really putting yourself out there. While you believe in your choices, and the odds of actual calamity are (usually) reasonable, the costs of calamity can be devastating.

My friends: We are in a time of calamity. It’s time to get some insurance.

Here's What You Can Do:


News Roundup

Health & Medicine

  • Parents #1 concern for their kids: mental health
  • Teen's leukemia gains into remission afterexperimental gene-editing therapy
  • An ALS patient set a record for communicating via brain implant
  • Medicaid continuous enrollment is ending. That's bad.




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  • Two new studies suggested the bivalent COVID vaccines are more effective against severe illness than the previous ones, please get them


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