April 27, 2020

GOOD NEWS: Did A.I. Just Make My Life’s Work Obsolete?

GOOD NEWS: Did A.I. Just Make My Life’s Work Obsolete?
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 In Episode 73, Quinn & Brian asked: Did A.I. take our jobs?

Of course, we aren’t talking about our jobs. If A.I. took our jobs, the show would have won that goddamn Webby.

No, no — we’re talking about really, really important jobs – the jobs being done by people like Dr. Mohammed AlQuraishi, who is a Department Fellow at the Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology and the Department of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School.

Still, Dr. AlQuraishi is hopeful about the future and his role in it — an attitude that was refreshing the first time we aired this episode and is downright necessary right now.

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