March 24, 2023

🌎 ESG is good business (but don't call it ESG)

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This week:

Fighting over ESG is stupid, risky, and bad business. Let’s move on.

Plus: RSV vaccines, the E-BIKE Act, Skittles (?), deepfakes, allergies, and a new season of DRILLED

What We Can Do:


News Roundup

Health & Medicine

  • The FDA recommends 2 RSV vaccines for older adults — a huge public health win
  • We can learn a lot about how to eradicate homelessness from Houston and Helsinki
  • The 988 suicide hotline isexpanding LGBTQ services with 24/7 chat and text - huzzah!
  • We really should celebrate the enormous —ENORMOUS — impact the President’s Emergency Program for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) has had (and the thousands of people who fought for it)
  • The best and worst American cities for allergy-sufferers




Food & Water

  • Can we make and popularize toilets that don’t use running water?
  • California might ban Skittles (if this isn’t our most clicked on link, I don’t know what the point is)
  • We desperately need a new economics of water


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