June 14, 2021

Best of the Best: Legalizing the Other Weed

Best of the Best: Legalizing the Other Weed
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In celebration of New York state passing Bill S6532A, permitting underwater kelp cultivation, we’re re-playing one of our coolest (and most entertaining) episodes. Kelp could be THE crop of the 21st century. But why? Listen in to find out.

In Episode 81, Quinn & Brian discuss: legalizing the weed of the sea.

Our guests are Bren Smith and Tom Ford, two fine, clean-living gentlemen who are out on the water every day. They’re trying to change the way that we eat to our benefit and, more importantly, the ocean’s benefit (which seems obvious to us, but apparently is not).

Bren Smith started The Thimble Island Ocean Farm, dedicated to restorative ocean farming, and is Executive Director and Co-Founder of GreenWave, a nonprofit supporting a new generation of ocean farmers to feed the planet and build a blue-green economy in the era of climate change. 

Tom Fordis Executive Director of The Bay Foundation, Director of the Santa Monica Bay National Estuary Program, and Co-Director of the Coastal Research Institute at Loyola Marymount University – all of which adds up to him being a super smart guy with a lot of ideas about how we can improve both the ocean and our lives. As we’ll learn today, some of them are surprisingly cheap and easy!

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