March 13, 2023

Best Of: Is The Ocean Running Out of Oxygen? Is That Bad?

Best Of: Is The Ocean Running Out of Oxygen? Is That Bad?
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What if I told you there was less oxygen in the ocean than there used to be?

That's today's big question, and my guest is Dr. Dawn Wright, or as many in the ocean community know her"Deep Sea Dawn."

Dawn Wright is an elected member of both the National Academy of Sciencesand the National Academy of Engineering. She's the Chief Scientist at ESRI, where she works with other scientists to map the ocean floor in 3D.

In2018, when I was just a baby podcaster, when Brian was my co-host, I saw a headline about the ocean that made me question a lot. I knew the oceans were heating up. I was beginning to understand, I think we were all beginning to understand, just how much global heating the oceans had absorbed over the years.

But I didn't know what that meant for the billions of creatures that call the ocean home. I didn't know what it meant for us. So I called Dawn.

In celebration of Dawn's return to the show next week, I wanted to replay this incredible conversation we had with her to better understand how far we've come.


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