April 14, 2022

A Very Big Deal

A Very Big Deal
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TLDR: INI/Membership ishere.

Today we’re launching the first way for INI readers and listeners to come together, to go deeper, and to unlock a place where you can gain wisdom and organize to make concrete progress towards a cleaner, more equitable world — for everyone.

And just in time.

Here’s what won’t change: The newsletter and podcast will remain free, forever. 

Even better: Memberships will not only make sure the newsletter and podcast remain free for everyone across the world, but will also support INI’s growing business along the way. 

Members on the annual plan can apply to our new Community, and every Member will benefit from:

  • Monthly live AMA’s with Quinn and special guests; plus other events
  • Exclusive special reports and quarterly updates on INI
  • Exclusive first looks at INI-driven investment opportunities across climate tech, health tech, biotech, and more
  • Invitations to participate in working groups and panels

Join now to solve problems with other Shit Givers on the frontlines of the future, to support our work, and to improve your decision making for company and family.

Link to join:

Got questions?Email us at