March 8, 2023

🌎 A living act of resistance

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This week:

Can little-old-you really make a difference? Hell yes you can.

Plus: cheaper insulin, cleaner camping gear, a new (lidless) coffee cup, good news on BetterHelp, and maybe even some paid leave.

Here's What You Can Do:


News Roundup

Health & Medicine

  • REI has committed to stop selling products with forever chemicals
  • Eli Lilly will cut insulin prices to $35, should still be regulated
  • There’s a new bipartisanpush for paid family and medical leave
  • Endovascular thrombectomy will (eventually) save millions of lives



  • The Interior Department released guidance on how states can claim $500 millionto clean up oil wells
  • The world swore they’d eliminate fossil fuel subsidies. Funny story! They doubled them (it’s complicated)


Food & Water

  • This new coffee cup is entirely compostable (and cool as hell)
  • The Mediterranean dietis, one, delicious, and two, may improve a person’s response to immunotherapy


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