Nov. 4, 2022

#298: What they're *not* teaching kids today

#298: What they're *not* teaching kids today
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This week:

  • Climate change in the curriculum
  • Increasingly divergent subvariants
  • Cell-cultured meat
  • RSV vaccines are coming
  • Generative AI (...didn't write this, but it might one day)


Here's What You Can Do:

  • Teachers can't teach without understanding the material. Check out ClimeTime and the CLEAN project for free, vetted resources for educators K-12.
  • Bring everyone you know to get their bivalent boosters, bring masks back (they can help defend against the flu and RSV too), and improve your air quality wherever you can
  • Our friends at Climate Tech VC put together a free deep-dive on methane emissions from cows. Read it and get up to speed.
  • Join our friends at Pod Save America tocall, text, knock on doors, and vote for people who will fight for the 75% of Americans who don't have access to paid leave through an employer
  • Check out Bleeding Edge AI for a cool timeline for developments as they happen, and/or Ben's Bites, a free, digestible, pithy email update with all things generative AI


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