April 12, 2021

107. Start a Sustainable Fashion Revolution

107. Start a Sustainable Fashion Revolution
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In Episode 107, Quinn & Brian discuss: How to buy clothing that lasts while not polluting the oceans or exploiting low-income workers.

Our guest is Orsola de Castro, a fashion icon and the founder of Fashion Revolution, a collection of designers, producers, and consumers looking to heighten awareness of sustainability in the fashion industry -- from supporting the people who make our garments, to eliminating the microplastics destroying our oceans, bloodstreams, and hormones.

The organization’s hashtag, #WhoMadeMyClothes, has been shared millions of times, and its response, #IMadeYourClothes, has provided invaluable visibility to supply chain workers worldwide.

In this inspiring conversation, we talk about the people who make our clothes, what happens once we have them, and where they go when we’re done with them.

Orsola also shares why she focuses on changing the world starting with the clothes that we wear, and the actionable questions you can ask your representatives to support this cause.

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