March 8, 2021

#103: Black Hearts Matter

#103: Black Hearts Matter
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In Episode 103, Quinn & Brian ask: Why do so many more Black people die after heart transplants than everybody else?

Our guests are: Dr. Hasina Maredia and Dr. Errol Bush, who recently published a paper in the American Heart Association’s journal, “Circulation: Heart Failure.” Their paper concludes that “young Black recipients have a high risk of mortality in the first year after heart transplant, which has been masked in decades of research looking at disparities in aggregate.”

Sorry for the spoilers, but that’s really just the beginning. The decades of systemic failures that allowed this to happen — and, most importantly, the steps we can take right now to improve these wildly disparate healthcare outcomes for young Black people — are the real meat of this story, told by two incredibly inspiring people.

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